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    #charu when I was longing for a friend you became my best friend�� I know there is a seperation between us of so-called section and soon it may be of collage , district or state but you will always be in my heart. Thankyou for coming in my life @akashrs this one

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    A time came in my life when no one was with me, a girl became my friend she left ,then other. Again and again this happened with me. Finally I started sitting alone and sitting alone for 6 hours in the same bench without any talk, made me an introvert.

    This lead me to lose my confidence, stopped me from expressing myself and the biggest thing which happened with me was that I lost trust from friendship
    Sitting alone for two years made me aggressive, irritating and quite.
    Whenever teacher ask any questions in the class I hardly stand and reply to their questions.
    Even I know them.

    ( After two years)
    Then I started sitting with a girl, it was all my helplessness to sit with her. I didn't like her.
    I use to sit with her only.And for library, games,lunch or any extra period I use to stay alone.( As it became my habbit) One day I asked her to go for the hand wash. And with very aggressive tone she said " Ja na tu akele ab kyun poochh rahi mere se, jao raho akele " that sentence pinched me. And then I decided to be with her.

    I started talking with her shared my feelings. She understood me and became my friend.
    It was my habbit that I got aggressive on her over silly things.
    But I always feel amazed that still she was by my side everytime.
    I thought that how can a person tolerate such kind of aggressive and irritating girl.
    We both were opposite to each other,
    She was cheerful, I was mute.
    She was calm , I was aggressive.
    She was optimistic, I was pessimistic.
    She was positive, I was negative.

    This nature of her attracted me towards her.
    And finally we bacame best friends.
    And good thing happened with me was that I got my trust back in friendship.
    And finally she made me a cheerful girl.
    (I don't know why but you were always in my section from past 5 years but still we became best friends after a long time.
    May be I was giving my time more to those who didn't care about me)