• deepak_pt 10w

    I always had a wish.
    "To close my eyes and walk in rain by holding hands with the love of my life".
    Such a mesmerizing feel. Isn't it?
    Unfortunately i was one of the lot to have stayed away from this feel for a very long time.But you know what?
    Destiny keeps bringing in interesting twists and turns always in our lives.
    That is when i realised this theory.
    "Somethings in life don't work the way we want to but works in the way we don't expect to"
    Yes..From the very next moment you sneaked into my life, every rain drop started spelling out a tale of love.
    Whenever i close my eyes and walk in rain, I began sensing your drizzling presence in my heart.
    So..Is that really true you have been fulfilling my undying wish all the time?
    See..As long as rain subsists to stay in my life..As long as love exists to stay in my heart..As long as you persist to stay in my breath,
    This magical tale of love is destined to stay with me till the end of the world too.What does all of this mean?
    You were the wish..I was craving all these years.
    And Yes..You were the one who bestowed it in my life in the form of love and rain..for now and for ever.