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    Ok... So this writer on mirakee @a_random_girl, started this childhood memory jar. And I LOVED the idea, but....
    Some of us didn't have a happy childhood. I mean... I might be able to pull some shit about ice cream with my dad, but honestly that's kind of pathetic. So... I want to propose my own half to her idea. With a childhood Trauma jar.
    Now, I mean no hate or disrespect, it's a good idea! I just can't relate to it. So in my journey to healing, I want to tell my stories, and I'd love it if you guys joined me!
    If you have a happy childhood memory to share, you should REALLY check her out and join in on that fun. The tag for that one is #cmjars

    Have a traumatic childhood memory to share? Tag it #CTraumaJar.
    Not a challenge just something you can do.

    Guys feel free to share and repost this.
    Xoxo ��

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    Childhood Trauma Jar

    You want to go back to simpler, happier times, but I can't relate.
    I want to scream everything that has happened to me; write ten poems about each wrong before I let it go.
    I want to stand on a stage and read each childhood memory aloud to a room of people who were there. I want to tell them my version, my view.
    After each poem I've screamed, I want to sit on the edge of the stage and forgive them; for the memory, for the pain, for the hurt. I want to forgive myself for the part I played.
    You want to go back to remember.
    I want to go back to stand up for myself, to heal.
    I like your positivity, I really, really do, but I'm afraid some of us haven't a clue.
    It's gonna take some time, memories aren't easy to recall and I'm not looking forward to the new holes in my walls.
    But I'm gonna feel it anyways because it's the right thing to do and maybe someone will join me, heal together we might.
    I just know it's time to face these demons, hiding isn't an option.
    So tell me your beautiful story, I'll feel the joy with you.
    But then stick around and listen to mine, you might learn a thing or two.
    We all have something to say, and say I WILL!
    Because if I can tell those stories I can start to heal.
    And maybe one day, I can look back at that day in my 20's, with positivity and love and proud I stood my ground.