• blackangel_ 5w

    Different types of writers
    Topic : The feel when you walk on the grass bare foot

    1. Sarcastic
    Lol.. I didn't lose my shoes. Dah..
    Why would I walk in the first place?

    2. Realistic
    Grass was damp
    It's soft
    Grass was cool
    Grass was dry
    Grass felt exactly like grass

    3. Over thinkers
    When I stepped on grass I felt my heart dancing
    When I saw grass my soul reached heaven
    My soul saw the serenity in the green colour

    4. Award winners
    You see the beauty of the grass but I see the thorn beside it
    We have grass to walk but they don't have grass, so they have to walk on hard floor which is aching my heart
    A glass broken and it hurt my feet and blood covered the room like red grass spread all over.. ����

    Congratulations. We have a winner because she wrote blood when we asked about grass. Ah.. Very innovative.. ����

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    Just for fun
    Please don't take it personally
    It's just for fun.