• the_fox 31w


    How does it feel
    To be delusional?
    She will
    Make you believe, how real, perhaps, is never real.

    Love is a gateway to an inescapable hate,
    Wish it was all a nightmare​,
    Wish you never faked that name,
    Still fucking wish you were here.

    Thought you'd never break my heart,
    And then you took it away from my chest.
    Loved the way you pretended to care for my scars,
    Thought I was gone too far in this game, but this time you played your best.

    Just like she made him count these twenty-six days,
    He wishes to make her scream for the sins.
    Fuck his headspace, is she ready for the consequences?
    Baby played her part, now it's his turn to redeem every sin.