• platonia_maniac 6w

    With you

    It was a sunny sky as my gaze fell on you
    And the second I know I was knocked apart
    As they call fate there we met again lonely
    On a rainy day, thunderstorms and grey
    I stood there drenched longing your way
    You asked me to get into your umbrella
    Suddenly serene was I felt standing there
    Air so thick yet so sweet around hues no clue
    You told to come closer as shoulders so wet
    Even under you're bright umbrella as we move
    Drizzle goes the rain, thump beats my heart
    I love rain and I want you beside me
    As I take the sky and down to earth
    Our shoulder takes a little touch together
    Is it the eagerness I'm dying for
    The wait of so long, an end to come
    Are you the one in a contest for me
    All these are those I want to open up to you
    We still for a moment, eyes collide each other
    Hence two take a longer route one that never ends forever