• silverrlining 10w

    I stare and stare and stare,
    My pupils get strained,
    When will that "last seen at ..." change to
    I start typing,
    "Last seen at..."
    I finish typing,
    With a mixed feeling,
    Should I send this or not....
    Coz I don't know to write short letters,
    I write long...
    I send him..
    After a long time,
    He reads it....maybe
    And then, he sends a one worded reply,
    "Love u.."

    I had written
    Whether he would take me out on a coffee
    The next day,
    Well, his reply was not so bad!

    The next day,
    I made coffee at home,
    And very silently
    Deleted his name
    From my contact list..