• ultrasnoob 9w

    Clusters of life

    May be I should start to think again
    May be I should start to perceive again
    May be I should start to introspe again
    But any of dis could make life gain again
    I could cry out a pool of tears
    But look at me I am smiling here with dis flat face
    Do want to know why so carefree
    You should have seen me initially
    I was a huge ball of happiness
    I could literally burst laughter around
    Rolling down across lanes
    Bouncing my way around kicking out
    Battling all sillyness with insane behavior of me
    But I didn't know what was awaiting me.
    Had I known i would have turned around
    May be could have bounced back
    I reckon it's for time being,
    This sudden deadly silence prevails where we all have once to dis turmoil
    Let's just say I'm a little too coward