• airofunreality 6w

    coffee and me

    Early morning
    Please don’t go
    You always have to go.
    Away again, away again
    From me, again
    This coffee, still stands
    Hot in my palm
    Warming me, when you cannot be
    Here with me,
    Away again, back again
    My heart grows strained
    From being pulled closer to yours,
    When you are home
    And then alone again,
    We never get the chance for the strings between our hearts to stretch
    You just leave me
    I know it’s hard for you too
    And that’s why I’m writing this poem
    While I sip my coffee
    So you cannot see
    I am not as strong as I desire
    To be
    This coffee grows lukewarm
    But it stays my company
    From the morning cool air, to the cold bed where your cannot encompass me