• ish000 10w

    I miss you mom

    Everyone says,
    Mom is their best friend,
    Honestly, you are not
    You share everything with me,
    But it comes to me,
    I lie a lot.
    People share everything to their mom,
    But if it comes to us,
    And if I share my vibe,
    You become worried.
    It is said,
    Daughter is shadow of mother,
    In our case, it's not true; right?
    I never wish to hurt you,
    I won't lie if you were my friend.
    But after all
    You are just strict honoured parent.
    I sometimes feel
    You think about society
    More than my happiness.
    You give me freedom,
    But it's too with much limitations.
    Your rules seems illogical to me,
    Gossips become indigestible.
    Please stop cursing yourself.
    Just because of some menial incidents.
    trust me,
    You are one of the best creation of God.
    Yes, sometimes I am resentful of you.
    But more than that,
    I love you mom