• sagittariuswerido 5w

    A simple word with four letters but has the most intense emotions that we can ever experience as humans
    I always thought I'll never fall in love but the moment I laid my eyes on you I swear my mind went blank and my heart exploded
    Seeing you standing there doing literally nothing gave butterflies to my stomach
    I couldn't stop smiling
    My eyes couldn't leave ur sight
    Is this love or lust?
    Could I say it's love from the first sight' and risk being vulnerable with you?
    Is 'love for the first sight' even real?! Or it's just lies from fairytales?
    If I gave you my heart would you promise me not to break it?
    If I gave you my soul would you promise me to take care of it?
    Do you promise to love me dearly?
    Do you promise to never go away and leave me with just bitterness inside?
    I beg u!
    Don't leave me, don't lie to me, don't you dare trick me!
    I'm not as tough as I look like,
    I beg u!
    Please don't make me regret this decision and ruin for me a magical feeling that is being in love
    All I'm asking for you is to go easy on me and be patient with me cause I'm too afraid that I'll screw the only good thing I have
    And I promise to do the same with you
    I promise you to cherish you and be there for u and listen to u ramble about the things u love without getting bored
    When we're in love we stop counting time and forget anything about the world around us

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