• simi_convallaria 5w


    Cold brew coffee
    And you adding milk,
    Standby your computer
    Minutes we killed.

    More than this moment
    Were memories we made
    This day of nausea
    With conversation filled.

    Tell me a story -
    The story of a king?
    Or other temptations?
    He went all in:

    Once upon a time
    A pastry was found,
    In fontana di trevi
    Deep on its ground.

    Believe it or not
    But this one was golden,
    Ordered by a king
    With only one sin:

    A smart girl from Sintra
    Call her piriquita -
    Hidden in a bakery
    Making egg-pastry.

    Like a mosambik flower
    Sweet, soft, golden
    In autumn fallen.