• idkwhyy 6w

    To escape from myself
    Under the tap
    I found a new place today
    I found it under the gush of water
    I was drenched in the coldness that the tap bled
    My eyes ,
    They weren't weeping there
    They just oozed out liveliness , slowly , happily
    Every drop of the water that I was using to escape myself
    Was comforting
    Feeling warm inside the sore eyes
    Tired of spilling their own streams ,running down the skin that I had layered upon my shivering teeth
    My hair , stuck on my head
    Just like me in life
    And them falling each day in numbers
    Increasing everyday ,
    Just like life out of me
    I brought my palms
    Close to my belly , pushed it in and pushed it up
    Trying to gasp as hard as possible
    And pull out the lungs
    The lungs , helping the air to get in
    I try to stop the unseen
    No use.
    Just like me . Useless. Hopeless.
    They still have a home inside
    Ridiculous. My own lungs , surviving inside me
    Got a home to live in a homeless person
    I let my hands free , out of pity.
    Staring at my ugly knees
    Full of marks and scars
    They don't bleed nor do they complain
    They don't carry the black , worn out skin beautifully
    But they still help me walk and sit .
    I put them down , close to earth , that hit it , everytime.
    That's life and love right.
    Hard , hurtful and get close , at the end to repeat the same.
    The flow of water ,
    Hurts now
    It's faster than life and lighter than the heart I have inside
    But it hurts now
    I reach out the tap , twist it like I'm holding my neck
    Turn it off , like the imaginary button I wanted ,
    To switch off the life
    I get up , this time, atleast not hurting myself more
    I walk out of the bathroom
    With lots of confusion in my head
    And a wide smile .

    - all the smiles have reasons , big or small , heavy or hard , gloomy or bright , reasons are always there -
    - the most beautiful smiles are the most complex ones , darling -

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