• cupidson 5w

    Burning our Pampa loom

    Ignite our dreams,
    Hiding under plain sight
    like the seaside
    And overturned bedside.
    Its like burning the watchtower
    Or cutting grass
    Without the land mower
    Overriding cubicles
    Of profanity divine
    Cherishing soft bodies
    Under candlelight
    With the casual buoyancy
    Parades of charades
    Grasping eternity
    Like leech and moss.
    I'll break all my shackles,
    Cut them into pieces
    Bury them
    Beneath abscond Reminiscence.
    Zodiacs will pass
    And i will debunk.
    I'll bleed through the sky
    I'll cruise upon the sea
    All my plight through the nights,
    I've crushed them in howling delight.