• deibuong_ 10w

    Fighting for what's Lost

    i wanted to fight battles with you,
    but you left me where i found you.
    wished to break ourselves from those broken hues,
    but you left without any clues.

    we wanted to escape misery,
    but our love remained a mstyery,
    you love me today, a different fiction,
    tomorrow's another diction.

    your promise remained unfolding,
    what pasts were you holding?
    what different path are you taking?
    what scenario are you making?

    i know i should want to fight,
    we both knew love was out of sight,
    but with all of this strong might,
    if it's not willed to be, then it's not your fight.

    what's lost is never to be found,
    your footsteps didn't make a sound,
    you were leaving all around,
    because you already knew we weren't meant to bound.