• damilare_mapper 10w

    After all the paparazzi, and it was time for the after party, I told her it was time to go home (cause I wasn’t a club person), and she agreed, so we entered the car, and I drove her home. When we got to the front of her house, and she was trying to get down and say goodnight, I told her to wait cause I needed to tell her a secret I hid from her since we became friends . It took a while, but I finally summoned the courage to tell her I had stage IV lung cancer , and that was the reason I was always coughing a lot; sometimes accompanied with blood, and lost my breath sometimes. I told her I had a very short period to live. Not surprising, she burst into tears, and a few moments later, she uttered the most surprising statements I think I ever heard in my life ; "I also have cancer; breast cancer, and I too am destined to die soon". I was absolutely shocked (I was like; so we both had cancer all this while and none of us knew. Wow! ). I reached out for my handkerchief, cleaned her tears, and told her how much joy she made me feel despite the fact that I was a terminal.