• _riggy_ 23w

    I guess our dreams were only mine
    What a fool it seems I am.
    To think of all the years I helped him
    Achieve all his objectives and dreams
    Waiting for ours to come into play
    The time is here and he's pushed away.
    When all along I thought we had the same goals to achieve, however something better has caught his eye.  Our dreams of having a child seems to die. He no longer thinks ivf is worth as much as his new wants. He wants a new car,  he will only drive; its important? Fml... This doesn't feel right, after supporting all his needs
    I'm left feeling blind.
    I never wanted anything more
    but here my dream stand no more.
    I won't force this on him, I won't be his regret and to think with all his tattoos he still can't hold his commitments.