• ourticles 27w

    Level 8!!

    7 years ago on this day,
    We didn't know we would come along this way!

    Have fallen in love too frequently in all these years,
    But it was always YOU dear!

    Thanks for bearing me all those years,
    Congratulations! Level 8 is here!

    On this level many challenges would gather,
    Fear not, we will face them together!

    We'll have to love each other,
    Even when we struggle to like each other!

    Let's just remember- it would never be YOU V/s ME,
    It would always be PROBLEM V/s WE!

    There will be bumps & bruises on this level too,
    But if we come together, these wounds won't do!

    This relationship didn't grow with years,
    We only grew when challenges came near!

    Let's win over this challenge too!
    Happy anniversary Sweetheart!!
    Welcome to Level 8!