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    My inner roar pertains to what some mouths speak or do. There are so many spatial rearrangements between two people who are sitting beside each other. I have a habit of reading minds, and it's a horrific one, some of the revelations don't harm me because it doesn't come with me losing my self esteem.

    Aforementioned past looks good if it remains there, you don't tie a leash to it and smile while looking back at it and wear a veil when you look infront. The present would only respect your past if you leave it. I have no other choice but to write what I felt and feel.

    From a stout shoulder that smiled at you from miles away to someone who doubts himself now. I used to believe that every decision we take is best, based on the knowledge and evaluation we have at that point of time and it does nurture you with maturity, but at what cost? At the cost of knowing a lot about someone.

    I have a knack of knowing things, I have a habit of reading minds, you see where am I getting? When you explore the contours of a mind, you come to know things, now either it cripples you down or gives you the clarity.

    Asking questions is natural for me. I am always interested in knowing, doesn't mean I am affirming that I am interested in someone, asking questions for me is just like asking myself what will happen next before turning the pages of a book.

    Reading comes natural to me, and a book is no different than a mind.

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    Spilled personality

    There are characters in a play and there are characters one display, on this well trodden path of trend.

    Crowd begets crowd.

    We don't desire what we want to, we desire what we are made to.

    Walking slowly on the pavements, looking at hoardings that pass by and change.

    Walking slowly on the pavements, looking at people who pass by and change.

    What ignites, you become
    What ignites, you chase
    If a hand resists to submit
    you stop if you care,
    if you don't you erase.

    Looks are liabilities if what you leave inside the vaults of secrecy is my destruction.

    A character is a liability if it sees ambits as hurdles to leap over and shout for freedom.

    For worm eaten skulls
    Freedom is in absence
    of something that binds,
    Freedom is in absence
    of a mind.