• nitin_writes 6w

    Have you ever felt the need to speak out something so desperately but you can't?
    Have you ever felt so lonely that you feel like you are on a sinking ship in an ocean with not even a single being around for miles?
    Sometimes pretending to be someone else, something else is so much easier. Like you can't really express yourself because no one would really understand you.
    A man's life is sometimes full of remorse over his past deeds, which he can't run away from. Crying is never an option for a man, it portrays him as weak. But just sometimes maybe all he needs a shoulder to cry on.
    This world defines a man's weakness by his tears. Not just women get affected from tiny bits and pieces in life but a man does too. It's only the matter of being expressive.
    World is uglier than it's given credit for.