• bscpoetry 45w


    There is a tiny home occupied by two happy souls. There is sand and cool breeze. She teases him and his love for her is deep. She's the talkative fellow and he's the calm guy. She's the angry queen and he is the motivating king. To him she's the whole wide world. To her he's the world best guy she ever met. They try to be together in all little big moments of life. It often get weird and then after a pause they again try. She's the movie addict and he's the reading guy.If she's feeling low, he wouldn't let go through it without his hold. He always try to keep her closest to her. But he can't control life. He just wanted always her to smile. Even her tinyist smile make his pains worthwhile. It's the rollercoaster rides they go through, that kept them alive. She won't make him worry to loose his smile. And he will go to end of world to make his baby smile.