• nityabhatia 10w

    " The sands of time cannot erase our destined footprints..."

    -Nitya Bhatia

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    Dear Feet,

    our distances cover
    every step you meet,
    as we meander the
    bustling streets,
    familiar strangers we greet,
    along the way,
    following our inherent pace,
    or chasing the last train,
    you seem to decelerate
    during the need of the hour,
    yet you exceed your limits
    in the rip-roaring relay
    we are taken to places
    locating a route destined
    or we wander as we ponder
    if it is the sands of fate
    beneath our feet
    that leave footprints
    only to pave the right way,
    which is the one we travelled...