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    "It's been a long time since we've met" he said and the very next moment I heard him sobbing a bit.
    "Are you crying?" I asked unknowingly
    "No!" he said and burst into tears.
    "We will meet soon karan stop crying okay.... Listen to me, what will you do when we will meet next?"
    "I will hug you so tight and will keep you with me. I will never ever let you go then" he said
    "oh I am so sorry! I need to go now, will catch you soon?... Love you"
    "I love you too" he said, as he hung up the phone, his door bell rang...
    "yes? Who's there?" he asked, as he got no answer he opened the door and found his favourite fragrance with a bouquet of flowers which was covering all her face.
    "NIDHIIIII!" he shouted and ran towards her, left the door opened in excitement, hugged her tight as he told her ten minutes earlier.
    "you? Here?"
    "Yes! It's not just you who can surprise me all the time...... Lets go inside?" I winked at him...
    His eyes were full of tears, that rare smile on his face, his heart was beating faster then ever and his love becomes..... More deeper❤️"
    Long distance relationships are not just those which leads to the distance of thousands of miles, but also those which suffers their love for our so called caring society...
    LONG distance relationship can be between two people who lives nearby but still away for their community...
    It needs more trust, most faith, more love, more loyalty and more freedom then any other... Its just love and trust that can keep it alive... Distance doesn't matters but the trust does... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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