• eloquent_writes 34w


    In the presence of kins
    Every moment is indelible
    Every minute is excitable
    Every second is joyable!

    The souls locked each other to
    Share and support in everything

    Souls got wings and
    Go to a place called honeymoon,
    Where they enjoy the moon newly
    And candlelight dinners makes them feel!

    Seven colours in vibgyor
    And seven steps in marriage
    Made their life memorable!

    Love falls like drizzles
    And blossoms like flowers
    But not separated like petals
    Because they were bonded strongly with love

    A year of completion without being known each other was given a name Anniversary
    Their faces are blushed and
    Troughed them into an illusion

    They Stood with strength constructed to harmony with a life filled in a glee