• yoursheartily 6w

    Talkative yet innocent

    She's the talkative one. She talks to you first when you hesitate. She says hi without ego when she sees you in the corridor. She smiles at you wherever she sees you. She respects you and listens to you when you talk. She cares when you look dull. She talks loud and talks her heart out without filters. She cares for your friendship. She fights with you when you are wrong. She fights for you when you are in trouble. She always laughs and smiles. She talks matured....

    But yet she's the most innocent one you know. She's the most sensitive you know. She doesn't show you her hurtful face and you thought she is always cheerful. She doesn't cry in front of you and you thought she never cries and is always happy. She always wanted people to care for her the way she does but never happened, YET she smiles and goes through the day. It takes one hell of a strong woman to live like that. You are lucky if you have such a person in your life. They are the most faithful caring friends you could get. Respect her. Care for her.