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    The image here depicts the three stages of life. The first stage is toddler to teen stage, which is represented by the summer. In this stage, usually you try to learn new things. This is the best stage of life since, you are innocent and naive. In this stage, you become more curious and you are eager to know about this world. Next, comes the teen to adult stage, which is represented by the monsoon rains. This is quite crucial stage of your life. In this stage, you try to implement those things which you have learned in your early childhood. You try to behave maturely. You try to adjust with the society. It is this stage, where you come to know about the real world. You try to become more professional. This stage gives you maximum number of experiences. The rain drops depicted in the image represent your experiences and challenges. You try to balance between the 'child in you and the maturity in you'. You try to analyze and examine the things from your perspective. You try to find your purpose. You pursue your goals and career. You become more independent. This is a challenging phase for your parents too since, they have to deal with the 'new you'. In this stage, you try to make your own beliefs and ideas. You near your adulthood. Next, comes the adult to death stage which is represented by the winter. In this stage, you have become fully matured and have completely grown up. This is the stage where you witness a major change in yourselves which is based on your upbringing. You try to gain success in your career. You look for a partner, with whom you can spend your life. It is this stage, where you can have your own family. You have your partner, you have your children. This is the stage, when you realize the importance of being a parent. You realize how much efforts your parents must have made in order to make the individual which you are right now. Here, your child needs you and you have more and more responsibilities. You try to give your best to your family. You earn, you work, you hope and plan for the better future for your children. You try to make your child more capable and powerful than you. It is this stage, when your child gradually grows up and you have to face the challenges of the parenthood. Here, you have to take utmost care of your child. You have to guide your child properly in order to make him/her successful. Later, after having all the experiences, you gradually become old. You realize that, you have completed all your responsibilities. You ask your child to continue your family's legacy. You start to degenerate. This change is represented by the snow in winter. You look back and realize how bravely you have fought all the battles of life. You realize that , the efforts which you made to become individual which you are right now, have paid off. You admire yourself. You know that, it was not easy to deal with your life but still, you managed and became successful. Now, you retire from everything. You just wait for your death. In your last days, you try to live the remaining life for yourself and not for the family. Here, you feel contended and satisfied. Then, the wait is over and finally, the death arrives. You realize that, you have to leave this realm. You have lived enough. You did what you wanted to do. Now, it's time to accept the absolute truth, which is death. You accept your final destination leaving behind all your memories and legacies. You finally find the absolute liberation. See, how each and every phase of your life teaches you some or the other thing. Life can be your best teacher or it can become your worst foe. It all depends on how you make your life. So, live each and every phase with happiness. Follow your dreams. Love yourself and stay blessed...

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    Seasons of life

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