• strangersverse 11w

    And the hearts remained broken

    I'm quite new to love and loss,
    In most regards I'm but a child
    But I really am perplexed,
    By this feeling - love - that seems so wild.

    From centuries long ago,
    When talk of love ran to and fro,
    Words of love were spoken,
    Yet the hearts remained, still broken.

    In years now far away,
    When sweetened words would sway,
    The lass walked proud on sweet love's way,
    Yet the hearts remained, still broken.

    In days I've shortly left,
    When love's weight they took and heft,
    Displays were put to action,
    Yet they still remained heartbroken.

    In hours, minutes and seconds past
    As love continues fast,
    Dissatisfaction continues, unsurpassed
    Cause the hearts remain ,still broken.

    Many say they see the falter,
    "Love walks not the sensual way",
    Yet when love took to the alter,
    Divorce led love astray.

    It's only but a few,
    Who walk with love so happily
    Yet they still provide no clue,
    They found it accidentally .

    The hearts remain, still broken,
    Bleeding from love's sharp arrow
    Though harmed they still are open,
    As hope is set aglow.