• prady33 10w

    We all could be different in many ways, but when it comes to giving a person the priority and importance they deserve we all remain the same.

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    We all or at least most of us had our parents for at least more than two decades with us. They have given everything and more for us. No one could be so giving or selfless like them, but what do we do ? We often get used to their forgiveness, giving and selfless love so much that we do to not give them importance for their love, just the importance they deserve. And then off-course there are other relationships which has people giving unconditional love and not expect anything in return.
    Why can’t we give them as half as they deserve ? Why do we have to be so careless that there comes a point when they ask for their attention ?

    When most of us know that, to love someone unconditionally is to hurt ourselves, why do we still continue to ignore ?
    It’s not always about our time that we don’t have with us, it’s the time you have and you don’t give it to the person who best deserves it.

    We wanna take, but not give. We all are different, but yet the same.