• d_aindrila 34w

    I really don't know
    How it all started
    I really don't know
    How you came in my life
    I really don't know
    What made us talk to each other
    My loquacious style
    And your sedentary nature
    Were somewhat
    Like the poles of a magnet
    Intriguing our taste
    For each other.
    I really didn't understand
    How you started adorning my life
    Slowly you replaced everyone else
    In my gallery,and my heart.
    My mind knew no one, but only you.
    Slowly this frivolous person
    As warm-blooded like
    The dashing waves off shore
    Became as calm like a gentle breeze
    Thinking of you going from my life
    Were no less than the woebegone
    Of losing myself in the maze of life.
    But then my pretentious mind
    Got me straight of choosing what I felt
    Therefore, I chose you.
    And not only did I choose you
    From that very day I loved you
    And I still do.