• jacintoshane 5w


    When we get angry, we say things that we don't mean. It is a flaw in character that you, me and almost every human being carries. Hours later when your mind returns to normal, you'll regret the things you said when you had lost your mind. So I came up with a habit to fight this. When someone throws an insulting comment or initiates a spiteful conversation with you, do not react, no matter how foolish or awkward it might make you look. If you retaliate, you're worsening things both for you and the other person. By not hitting them back, you're saving your relationship from a really bad memory that would keep haunting you later. If hate doesn't receive hate, it dies out. It works like a fire. When it is ignited and you don't give it time and a chance to breathe, strife doesn't survive. If something has to be sorted out, respond to the issue after two or three days, after the negative emotion that you had held back has drained out and you can see clearly. Do yourself and the people around you a favour by doing this. Make your world a better place.

    - Shane