• atreyidasgupta 23w

    Love. A complex word. A beautiful one. Love. What does it really mean? You drooling over yourself when you see someone? You staring at them while they pass you? No boy. That's no love. That's lust.
    Love is when you know the person's flaws and yet love them knowing their imperfections. Love is when you learn to emphasize their imperfections. Love is when your souls dwell with each other. Love is when your hearts connect. Love is, even when your they leave you, you keep faith in them. Love is waiting for them with your heart and soul. Love is having all your hopes fixed. Love is, even when they hurt you, you don't break. Love is, when they hurt you, you know it's for a reason and you cling on the strings of faith in your heart.
    Love is having complete faith and hopes in the other person. Love is you. You are love.