• ascended_ashes 5w

    Seeing Red

    Red is my favorite color
    The color I most acquaint with
    The color gives me rest
    Like a baby bird in its nest
    But most associate red with a mess
    I find it comforting during those storms of my life
    When I feel lonely and scared
    Almost naked and bear
    When I want to pull the plug
    I can't
    I feel a slight tug
    I want to do it
    I want to let the streets flood with the color of red
    Let my sheets be stained by it so I may fall asleep once again
    It's just like carving a pumpkin
    But less fun
    And more serious
    It's hard to dream of a future when it's curropted by nightmares
    It's hard to be king when you act like a jester
    The future is bleak and I'm starting to feel weak, I want to let my wrist leak, so I no longer have to seek.
    I'm lost in a void
    I keep on drifting
    I have a purpose, I know I do
    But I only have a few that will help me pursue
    I'm not sure if I want to
    I'm scared and hurt
    By those closest
    Yet they feel the furthest
    I want to give up
    Fill up that cup with that color that comforts me
    So that I can see
    There's no longer me