• ajao2222 23w


    We live in the milieu of gore
    And our eyes is bleeding of ichor.
    Some beings were squandered untimely
    And they call us headers of tomorrow.

    Darkness encircling our nations
    As if, we were born in a dark way.
    This is sorrowful not rejoiceful
    And within an hour our land was mournful.

    Bawling is now consistent in realm
    Growing day to day like sea mays
    Herdsmen killing today, plateau killing tomorrow
    When are we going to assuage of this war?
    Because this is going cruelly.

    Our erstwhile capital turn to dark place
    The center of our home turn to bloody heart
    Some Beings clamouring for prayers
    We forget that what will make our land
    great again is in our hands.

    The day was reminiscent day
    The day that green white green turn
    Red white red
    And The day is already in our historical book
    Titled dark Lagos.