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    I love you...

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    It is a story of a beautiful sparrow bird,
    Who was called to be the queen of the blue sky,
    Whenever she flies high during lights,
    Her feathers looks like diamonds waving in the sky,
    But whenever sun-sets and moon rise,
    She always fears from that evil darkness,
    It was only the shinning moon of the night,
    That always gave her a peace of mind,
    But one day even the queen cried hard,
    Because it was the dark night of no moon,
    No one saw her crying for that whole night,
    As it was very dark and the cry had no sound,
    On that night her heart was feeling so lonely,
    That she prayed to breathe no more to life,
    Maybe she forget that sun will rise soon,
    And take away all her fears with its lights,
    All she need is to fight that bad dark night...