• tenzinmeganlexie_ 6w

    Her love

    She had had many crushes...
    All lasted maximum for four months
    And minimum for 2 months...
    But there was a boy
    Who she fell for unexpectedly
    she thought, he was crush at first
    And with time she would get over him
    But there was sadness in her heart
    That doesn't want to get over him
    She wanted to love him for eternity
    This feeling was mysterious for
    She had never felt like this in her life
    she found her own heart intriguing..
    She tried to listen to the hidden cry
    Of her heart
    And found out that he was not
    Merely a passing crush, but
    her "The One" and she was already,
    Unconditionally in love with him
    A love so different...and It felt right...
    It was as if
    God was waiting for this
    Soul union to take place...