• tcomics_and_lifestyle 23w


    I'm on an oath of secrecy,
    You can call it a message to everyone
    It's no democracy
    So don't give me an oppose on this one
    I need no insurgency
    No opinion of any kind from anyone.
    The amazing thing about gossip is the Frequency,
    Damages done to the name of someone
    The rise and fall. Oh! Lord have mercy
    Why not face me,let's talk one on one
    God damn,I can't be part of this Conspiracy
    I put secrets to rest,I let them out to no one
    Can't live a snitch,a spy,not even in my Fantasy
    Those are my worst words,I hate each one,
    Where I'm from,we call it dead men's policy
    Snitches are walking dead,i'm sure of that one
    Oath of secrecy is a Legacy.
    ©tcomics & lifestyle