• feelings_diaries 6w

    I am Nothing

    I never wanted to have my self happiness. I only wanted us to be happy by adjusting ourselves. Loosking over self isn't mean we are not loosing anything. Freedom isn't being ur self. Own happiness isn't being the better happiness.

    My way of happiness is keeping you out of trouble. I cannot take any inch of risk in the matters of you. Even you like it or not. It may look awkward to you and everyone. But my way of expressing love is this.

    If ur happy in doing what you wanted to do... May be only you will be happy... But the people who cares for you would never be...

    Even if we say things not to... It means not stopping or restricting... It is moving away from the things which may cause harm.

    I understood things i showed nothing at the moment.

    From now you can be you... You can be happy for what you wanted... Coz me is nothing at the moment... Nothing like just an empty dustbin