• stories_behind_eyes_nancy_ll 5w


    So many colors I always use.
    The darker ones I love the most.
    That color black I perfectly abuse.
    Intriguing me to secretly boast.

    Wearing black at night is just the best.
    I don't care if people see me derange
    It's my taste so I ignore the rest...
    It would be the same if I wore orange.

    They say I'm emo or a damn vampire
    Am I in a cult?
    They wonder with confusion dire.
    It's like being slapped as an insult...

    They say if I'm going to a funeral
    Did someone die?
    It's just bullshit in general
    Even as I say goodbye...

    So what if I wear black?
    Does society need to seriously point?
    They start with words that attack!!!
    The ignorants surrounding this joint...

    We all live in preference
    Just like animals do too
    Don't you think I notice the difference?
    When others wear colors like you...

    People are just nosy
    And that will never change
    Life is not peachy or rosy
    We are all in the end strange...