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    Furniture with history

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    The New Old Seat

    Spaced out thoughts
    Linger within my mind
    A cold morning
    I'd wake up to find
    The day so young
    No sun present to blind

    The balcony
    I go out there to sit
    My former table
    With a car was hit
    A table
    On which my life force I'd emit

    The table
    For which I had no spare
    Had a place within me
    I held it dear
    I fixed her up
    Former table, now turned chair

    I sit there
    Staring to the blank sky
    Free of noise
    And people who wish to pry
    I stay in solice
    With my mind so high

    I sit there
    As I am able
    With my once emitted energy
    Now keeping me stable
    As I sit on my chair
    My once great table