• iinked_mistake 6w


    Oh I walked a fine line
    Those big beautiful innocent eyes
    The lights went out after he was done
    I waited outside in the rain just to cry
    Oh the look in those eyes
    Walking through the golden tomb
    She went to find her heart
    Surprise we’re in the same room
    Our tears spelled out everything we ever needed to say
    We drank our misery in deeply together
    The room is so full of empty conversation bubbles
    It seems like all my words have bunched up in my chest
    It’s making my heart sound like cannons
    She used to love me
    I remember when she couldn’t live without me
    The spirits are restless tonight
    Do you miss me
    Do you miss me
    I remember this lady
    From when I was a baby
    She had a sad clown face
    And a snappy little dog
    One day she was holding me close
    One day she disappeared on a midnight fog
    Hell is empty
    Because all the whispers have started hanging around my ears
    I let you have all your moments to shine
    Why didn’t you ever let me have mine
    You didn’t even know me in the morning
    Didn’t even notice
    All the gentle moments
    You can just say so
    You can just let me go
    I temped hell and high water
    And they came for my soul last night
    I only ever leaned on myself
    But now I realize I’ll never be strong enough
    You were all I ever wanted
    But everything I never had
    Why do things always go so wrong
    I always imagine falling into a memory of our favorite song
    But now we’re screaming across no mans land
    All the smiles lost their shape
    All our dreams burned up in space
    We got cold hearts inside cold bones
    In each other’s arms, painfully alone