• manu_musings 9w


    We say the world is a global village,
    We call it technological advancement,
    Yes indeed it has, 'advanced' manifold,
    A beaming smile has become a or even
    Which noone really comprehends,
    A shoulder to lean on says "tc, ttyl",
    Door to door invites have morphed into their electronic counterparts,
    "Good morning" has comfortably found its place amidst a bunch of forwarded quotes,
    Experiences have become less about living in the moment,
    And more about capturing an 'insta worthy' photo,
    Revolutions and protests are best done on news feeds these days,
    Video games are the new storybooks,
    Bed time stories have long lost their origin,
    Matches are made over skype,
    Wouldn't be surprised if weddings go online pretty soon,
    Food arrives at our doorsteps,
    Why go all the way for candle light dinners?
    Handwritten letters became emails and later metamorphosised into texts,

    I am no exception either,
    Been there, done most of those,
    Technology is a big boon indeed,
    Current affairs are at our fingertips,
    College reunions happen thanks to FB and watsapp,
    Relationships thrive thanks to skype and texts,
    Business deals get done online,
    Telemedicine has made healthcare accessible to all,
    The list goes on and on,

    However, in a world that seems to be on a chase against time,
    It may perhaps be a good idea to slow down, once in a while,
    To relive few good old practices,
    That lost their identity amidst a sea of advancements.

    ~ Manishaa E V