• sansui_ 9w

    Criminal's misery

    If someone's a criminal,
    Then he'll have to go through a tough stage while growing up his child.
    He'll either always hide about himself from his child,
    But the day his son will come to know about this,and would have grown up with a good soul inside,he won't respect his father again in his life...and there can be nothing more unfortunate for a father that his own son has no respect for him.

    Or the gangster will also make his child do wrong things like himself,
    So that he doesn't have to hide anything,
    And no father would ever like to make his son a criminal,
    That would make fall in his own eyes.

    So in either ways,
    That criminal will end up as loosing his self respect or respect from his son.
    And what's the use of all the power or money,if you don't have a bit of respect from your own son or your heart.

    Better to be a peaceful and happier soul, i guess.