• l_stargazer 4w


    It's 3 o'clock in the morning
    my heart's in torment
    as I close my eyes
    I told myself
    it's time to bid goodbye
    my heart said " I'll love you for as long as I can be"
    my mind said "No, you'll forget him in time, you'll see"
    but as the days went by I felt exhausted
    your memories keep bursting in my head!
    I still kept all the poems I made for you
    I still write letters and prose
    keep saying "I love you" in thousand forms
    making me half-crazy as I read it all
    but I know I need to stop
    end this dark fairytale I knotted in my brain
    cease the loop,cut the tie
    take this heart, squeeze it out
    clutch my throat, until I choke
    curse my brain, cast my thoughts
    until my breath lingered no more
    I'll let my core rot
    my soul in pitch black
    as I quaff the tonic for losing you
    as I master the art of letting go
    I'll prepare myself a tinted crypt
    and a mist of wreath to knit
    coz I'll be burying my love for you
    six feet deep underneath