• anaelle_writings 5w


    Wanna feel you near
    Wanna chase this fear
    Fear of loosing you
    Fear of not seeing you
    Tell me that word I wanna hear
    Let me tell you am mad Coz I wanna see yah
    Show me those eyes
    For I died for them
    Let me see your flows
    For am crazy about them
    U're ma only fan
    Your name is"MINE",sometimes am done
    But I'll always be there even when gone
    Wanna touch your heart
    Wanna light your heart
    Never wanna break ur heart
    Coz à wanna be your heart
    My mouth talks my ears listen
    My mind thinks and my thoughts lighten
    For it was created for you
    Beside you only you
    Shall I find happiness
    Coz u are MR greatness

    U're not my broskie
    U're mon LOWKEY