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    Train No.12963

    He quickly ran down all the uneven stairs without any thought of falling off because he knew it was quite late. Just as he arrived,came an loud and disturbed noice from the speaker up top at the middle of the platform which never bothered the "couch- potatoes" with their chit chats while some had already turned up their ears including him to the announcement that was made.

    " May I have your Attention,please? The Train No.12963 was scheduled to arrive at 12 hours is delayed by 30 minutes on platform No. 4. The inconvenience cause is deeply regretted."

    "Oh,no." He sighed.

    He grabs his cellphone from the right pocket and dials up the first person on the recent menu with a bit of temper.

    "Hello,Dad. I told you this train is always late. I am already here on the platform and it's just 11:35. What is I'm gonna do for the next one hour?" He asked him with anger and frustration in his voice.

    "You can never trust trains in here,son. And railway station is the only place where you can find a large number of people with different minds and different behaviour. Enjoy. See you later. Bye." Said his dad trying to calm him down by trying to be humorous.

    Before he could speak up,the call disconnects. He looks around the platform and looks up at some people sleeping on the platform,while one was busy with the people he was talking to while another one was sweeping up the dust from the books in his stall. He feels even more frustrated after watching them and pulls out his earphones from the backpack,puts them into the ears and starts the favourite song from his playlist.

    Putting the phone back to his pocket and when we was almost going to disconnect from the world with the rythm of the music,he felt a soft touch on his left shoulder from behind.He turns back to his left and looks at a girl who was trying to manage her stumbling luggages from falling off one after another.

    "Excuse me." She said caressing her thick,silky and smooth black hair.

    "Yes?" He asked by pressing on the stop button, pulling out one of the earphones.

    "Is Train No. 12... Umm.. 9..6.......what is this written?" She tries to ask by peeking into the train ticket as much she could.

    "Train No. 12963." He said with a slight giggle looking at her.

    "Ah..yes! It's coming on this platform,right? Wait,this is platform 4,right?"

    "Yes,yes! Train is coming here and on this platform only." He said with still that giggle.

    "Okay,thank you." Saying this,she picks up her luggages.

    "Wait, and where exactly this compartment will stop on the platform?" She asked by putting down the bags and showing the ticket to him.

    "Just right here." He said looking up at the ticket and pointing not to far away from him.

    "Thanks,once again." She said giving him a childish smile.

    As soon as she picks up her bags,he said assuming them to be heavy.

    "Let me help you with this bags."

    "No,No. It's totally fin..." Before she could finish,he snatches the bag from her and goes up to the place where he pointed.

    "There you go." He said giving a wide smile.

    She gives him a thankful smile which revealed her cute dimples.He walks back to the place he was standing before. Again plugs in the earphones but his fingers were not allowing him to press the resume button but were insisting him to look at her cute and stupid actions standing there while his mind was still searching his way out of the dimples. He kept the earphones waiting inside his ears. And he was just looking at her who was still managing with her luggage. He laughs.

    She had grabbed everyone's attention as she was moving back and forth on the platform for the last fifteen minutes.

    "Is this train going to come or not? Is this the right platform? Or was the train supposed to come at twelve of night?" She was speaking to herself with utter confusion while he could listen to all her voices as he was standing not to far away from her.

    "Train No. 12963 is coming here only,on this platform?" She asks to a person standing behind him.

    After getting her answer,she quickly turns to a lady who was walking by.

    "Excuse me. Train No.12963 is coming here ,right? And this compartment?" She kept asking the same question.

    Everytime she was getting the same answers that he gave her. The boy kept wondering

    "Does this girl asks too much? Or she doesn't trust me?" He asks himself.

    Before he could ask himself another question,she again leans forward to the rail track as if she would get a look at the train. Just as she was looking, the same voice came from the speaker up top,

    "Train No.12963 is going to arrive at platform No. 4 at 12 hours and 30 minutes."

    Hearing this,she gets excited. He also smiles looking at her excitement. At the same moment,she looks up to him and gave a weird happy look. He tries to act as if he is listening to the music,so just smiles back.

    "One hour passed so quickly? This girl has real got me. I really don't know why but she feels so special? There is some magic in her cuteness and weirdness."Saying this to himself,he looks at his feet blushing. He himself has no idea what is going inside him.

    He again looks up at her who was smiling broadly looking at the train. He realizes that train has almost arrived and picks up his luggage. The train stops and again there is this same announcement with the same voice,

    "Train No. 12963 has arrived on platform No.4."

    He is about to climb onto the train and looks at her who was again struggling with the bags. He comes back to her and grabs her bags and climbs onto the train. He looks at her seat No. and directly goes up to there and adjusts her bags with the other bags kept randomly on the shelves.

    She blushes looking at him saying thank you with her eyes and pink lips. He smiles as always and goes at some distance from her where he could stand and have a look at her with peace.

    "You should atleast ask her name and start the conversation. You can do it. She won't mind. Trust me. You have helped her so much,she won't feel awkward to talk to you." His mind trying to constantly explain his heart.

    He looks up at her who was smiling and putting on her Earphones.

    "Go,don't make her feel alone." His mind exclaimed.

    With hope,he goes to her fearlessly while she had put on her earphones. Before he could walk down to her and look at her there came her sweet voice..

    "Baby. I have boarded the Train No.12963 and I'm coming to you. And I'm going to be yours forever."

    He stops with his face looking down at his feet. He smiles. Steps back to his place where he was standing without getting noticed. He takes out his mobile phone,this time his fingers forcing him to play the resume button.

    Signing off: vatsa_23

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