• jreborne 50w

    Self Evident

    As he proceeds
    providing for her needs
    A healing hand
    Met her spiritual gland
    And death removed itself
    Without sting, she breathes.

    Words unspoken manifested
    Her presence becomes clear
    His guiding hand begins to steer
    A life worth living
    And with thanksgiving,
    She begins to eat.

    Broke from her fast
    But unbroken by her past.
    She lives, moves and has being,
    Forming the best testimony
    Besides his own history.

    You don't know her name
    But her claim to fame
    Clears all shame
    Depsite her issues
    The plan of God isn't discontinued.
    The miracle is in the sinew
    Pulling the bones into

    You can't forget,
    She lives throughout
    The tissues of time.
    Her issues can't prevent,
    Her existence is self evident.