• mad_of_spades 22w

    Grey days gone

    As i fall asleep i wonder
    What happened?
    My eyes are a bright mix of blue green&brown
    Yet they dont have the same glow as before.
    A spark thats dimmed,
    An edge dulled,
    Was it my worries?
    Was it my sorrows?
    Was it my feelings becoming real?
    Is it anything i could have helped?
    No, maybe ive just aged.
    Cleaning out this room, finding letters addressed to me remind me of the past.
    Ive felt more since then,
    I used to write
    I uses to love myself
    I guess its just this place im at,
    New, but gets old fast
    Im gonna relight the ashes of my old self,
    Whatever it takes
    Even if its impossible
    I have to try