• thewordsguy 6w

    Jeena isi ka naam hai (:

    If you are reading this ,Chances are you feel life is unfair .You feel like you are the only one struggling and that you cannot make it to another day because you have too many problems .
    And it's absolutely right to feel this way . Because it's so easy to think that others have it better . That no one understands what you are going through because they haven't faced the same situations as you. Fuck everyone who tells you they understand . It's just there way to feel better about themselves.Buddhism says "Suffering is universal ". And there's no way out of it than to suffer . As a society we sometimes trivialize what we are going through because others have it worse . There could be a poor child dying and we have to empathise with him but that no way signifies that your depression or body issues needs to be ignored because others have it worse . Empathy and sympathy are quite different.For a while untill they come back as huge heartaches. So what can be done when there is no choice ? When you know you have to suffer ? And others are suffering to . Mumma tells me life is fair because it is unfair to everybody. ACCEPT. Acceptance is the first step for any suffering . Accept that you suck at something . That you are no longer a part in some ones life . People cannot always love you in the same way you love them . That breakup . The death of your loved one . The moments that are gone .ACCEPTANCE is the thing we find hard to do .Because how can you believe something you believed your whole life in ? That person, that moment , that love that is no longer there ?feel the pain .feel it within your bones and every cell of your body. We find it so hard to deal with whatever we go through . We go through emotions as balloons . We go ourselves then suddenly puncture to let everything out . Well if you have got beautiful eyes and mind ,why not GRIEVE the loss .LET GO. Letting go is like to throwing a t-shirt when it doesn't fit you. With everchanging seasons there needs to be change in the old you.
    Zindagi lambi nhi badi honi chahiye babumoshaiye. Time to heal. Time to let go. Time to be you. Time to fly.