• chuk_wangs 9w

    I don't know
    How you're feeling
    I got butterflies
    In my belly
    Here and there
    Disquieting my tranquility
    In the mind,
    So much has been going on
    No story of bliss
    Whatsoever of merry
    Only the thoughts
    And questions
    Are playing
    Some screeching solos
    Making me feel
    Like an utter maniac
    Deep down
    Amongst the flesh and blood,
    Heaviness has
    Its home built
    Never allowing
    My rhythms to be free
    Every beat
    Has been not
    For once, jovial
    Got that crap
    Got that kind of feeling
    Got that kind of home
    A home,
    Simply inhabitable
    Found no reason
    As to why I have to live
    Nights during the days
    As I look up in the sky,
    The ever crowding clouds tell it all
    That something
    Is wrong
    That something is there
    That makes up
    The whole story!