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    As I walk through the lonesome streets, alone, zephyrs caress my chaos, making me feel a bit warmer. A plethora of thoughts arise in my mind by the sound of the rustling leaves, but scintilla of doubts find place amidst the tiny spaces. I have a number of questions to ask upon to someone, but the ones I see now are just two people- the fairy soul and the satan; both residing in me. They are not in a state to answer me, since they already have lots of questions and sets of answers to prove themselves right in their stands. One smells like the enchanting aura of the sunflowers in the beateous gardens, but the other smells like a burnt cake, which forces you to taste it and get into yourself, a bitter expression. For your bad luck, your satan side controls more of you in times of fury, deteriorating you to the greatest.

    It takes up to you what side you choose. You see, life has a strange game to play with you. Being good for the whole of a lifetime is too good to be seen in swevens, but reality has a different movie to display to you. The fairy side sweeps by you when you are very comforted, like a kind of calm person. But when you have got bitter fights and arguments, when your mind blows up to the path of nonsense, the satan side throws an evil smile; the smile which spoils and brings you regrets. I have learnt this from my experiences, you see, "Experience is the best teacher". I was this kind of person who believes that knowledge is the only path to attain reverence and a moral personality. This took people to give me titles like "Mr. Topper", "Bookworm", "Brainy", etc etc. This topper, so called Teacher's pet, had really less friends, like seriously, 2 or 3. These few people represent those who stay with me ignoring my sobriquets. Apart from this circle, I have hundreds of friends, and these are those who come for help, and flee after done.
    "Krishna, how can I solve this question? It looks too tricky".
    "Krishna, can I borrow your Math notes for today?"
    "Krishna, can you explain me about the Human Brain?"
    "Can you lend me your points book. I have no time to make it".
    Such friends are those who talk you to the front and stab you at the back. Ughhh, these people make you feel a need of permanent social distancing. Their cruel side play serious games, which involves only melancholy. Yet, my good side had lots of space to tolerate more and more. I had to keep them close to me, I am not sure for what reason. These people wait for a fight, and then just go away, like white clouds turning grey.

    Experience teaches you about these sides and their point of views. The sweet one is Neem, tastes bitter, yet is too good to keep you breathing. But this bitter one is a rotten apple, you can never know what's inside. You're just satisfied with the red shine on that outer layer, and fall into impulsive decisions which end up being an Errrrrrooooorrrr. Since I was and I am a soft cornered guy by words and behavior, I learnt things at a very young age. My good side charmed all the way, bringing out my contented side, but of course, made me acerbic and feeble in other sights. My satan side was something I never found, I went inside myself to quest it in me. Alas! I found it Imprisoned in the cages of the good. This is what my control was. All that matters is the space you give for a particular side to be nurtured.

    Inside you, a third world war is going on, between the good which defines your personality, and the evil, which ruins you. Your thoughts and actions are the weapons which decide victory of any side. It's just all about you.
    /What you choose is what reflects you/
    Take every side of yours, just give it a shot, you'll know what's behind the masks of your soul. You need to unravel a deeper side of yourself in order to make yourself stable, and your behaviour stalwart.

    After having these many clashes and thoughts in my mind, I slay my satan side, stab it with morality and goodness, burn it and throw the ashes out of my mind, and just walk over normally. And then, I find, a beautiful sunset over the sangria skyline.
    /My good side appreciates me and smiles, it sits besides me watching beautiful sides of things/

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    ~Penned and Posted on August 16, 2020.

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